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New Zealand Made Pillows

When it comes to sleeping soundly each night, nothing supersedes the importance of buying quality pillows that provide you with the support and comfort you deserve. We offer the biggest range of down pillows anywhere in New Zealand. Hungarian Goose Down and Duck Down pillows provide the ultimate in luxury for your bed. The large down clusters give your head an incredibly soft pillow to rest your head.

Choosing the right pillow can be made easier once you know what to consider. Pillows don’t just come in one size fits all. If you sleep on your side, you will require a different pillow construction and firmness than if you sleep on your back or stomach. Read our pillow buying guide to find the perfect pillow for you, based on your sleeping position, if you are a hot sleeper and if you have any health issues with your neck or shoulders. We’ll show you the ways to determine what type of pillow you need and which fill types to consider.

Need help finding the right pillow for you? Contact us today for expert advice.